Getting the 35 Recipes

Another great advantage to the standardized format it that we can generate all of the glaze recipes from Glaze C. There are several way to get the 35 recipes for any standard grid.

The easiest way to get all the recipes is from the Calculation page.  This is a free resource.  You simply input the data for the C glaze (the one that is 100% flux material) and click calculate.  It will produce a list of 35 percentage recipes for this standardized grid.  We can also get them from a list of tables at the back of "Revealing Glazes - Using the Grid Method".

Fine Tuning - Going Beyond the Grid Tile

Once we see a glaze we want to work with on the grid tile we may need to do some more work before we apply it to our latest "master works".  The individual glazes on the grid are only small squares about 25mm (1 inch) across.  Also they are fired horizontally, so we may need to see how it performs on a vertical surface before we put it on a good piece, especially if it shows evidence of being runny.


We may want to tweak the recipe to zero-in on some quality.  This may involve small adjustments to the kaolin and quartz percentages.  We may find we want a glaze that falls between two of the squares on the grid.

We may also want to introduce some other flux materials, or experiment with adding different colourants to one of the glazes.  But usually, once we have chosen a glaze for further development from the grid, we can do this by minor adjustments, or by using line blends, etc.

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