Introducing Ian Currie

Ian Currie.....

lives and works in Queensland, Australia, on a community at Maryvale about two hour's drive from Brisbane. He has been studying and working with clay and glazes for over 40 years.

Within his primary focus as a potter, he has built a reputation as a teacher with a deep understanding of ceramic glazes. His Grid Method has been internationally accepted as a powerful method for the study of glazes. He is the author of two books on the subject, and has conducted workshops extensively in North America and Europe, as well as in Australia. He makes mostly traditionally inspired functional ceramics in stoneware and porcelain, and has a love of wood-fired pottery.

As an artist Ian is deeply interested in the subject of human values, and is currently examining the nature of what he calls "Deep Connection", a term he uses to embrace a broad range of deep human values like love, family, group bonding, the broad range of creative endeavour, the numinous experience, and spirituality. This study has lead to an interest in the Global Justice Movement and the Environmental Movement.

He does have a well-developed sense of humour, and is a close friend of Chicken Man, nemesis of all neo-con nasties.

He enjoys singing a-cappella in a small choir and is the proud father of two grown children. He is happiest when he is with friends and family, involved in some creative endeavour, in love, or in a beautiful place including his home; in other words, when he is "deeply connected".

Contact Details:
e-mail:   [email protected]
Phone:   07) 4666 1237 within Australia
             +617 4666 1237 from overseas

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