The Grid Method

A short outline of how the grid method works - The Grid Method while standing on one leg.

Document The Main Variables
Introducing the main variables in a glaze
Document The Base Glaze
Before you add colourants, opacifiers etc to a glaze
Document Inside the Base Glaze
The variables in the base glaze, and how we separate them out to study their effect
Document The Grid Layout
Different grids are always laid out in the same pattern, leading to a consistent result that is easy to interpret.
Document Getting the 35 Recipes
Another great advantage to the standardized format it that we can generate all of the glaze recipes from Glaze C. There are several way to get the 35 recipes for any standard grid.
Document The Grid Method, while Sitting Down
A closer look at how the Grid Method works. For a briefer summary of the method, see The Grid Method, while Standing on One Leg, starting with The Main Variables.
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