The Grid Method

A short outline of how the grid method works - The Grid Method while standing on one leg.

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Grid Tile Images

WORK IN PROGRESS - We are working to make the data available for these grid tiles as soon as possible. Each image shows a grid tile (sometimes more than one) that represents a family of glazes based on a single set of fluxes. All 35 glazes in each grid have the same set of fluxes, in the same proportions. The only variables are alumina and silica, alumina increasing up the tile and silica increasing left to right. So each tile is like the visualization of an alumina/silica graph for a particular set of fluxes. In many cases the glazes include colourants and/or opacifiers. If these are included they do not vary across the set; all 35 glazes will have the same percentage of each.

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Glaze Principles

In this folder we see how the Grid Method reveals important glaze principles. These are illustrated with images of grid tiles and other experiments and fired ceramic pieces.

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Diagrams and Images for Glazes Folder

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